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The Page of Real Life Changes (Anxiety, Stress &Smoking)

(Presented here without embellishment (some aspects have been modified to preserve client confidentiality) Please note – I do not treat clients under the age of 16, hard drug users, or those with a diagnosed mental disorder.

TF, ex military veteran, aged 48, discharged from the forces on medical grounds. He consulted me as he had been “unable to sleep for more than half-an-hour at a time for about the last six months” The day after the very first consultation and treatment session, he phoned to thank me, and tell me that he had slept solidly from about half-past midnight to seven a.m., got up, had some breakfast, and then gone back to bed for another two and a half hours sleep. This was an example of extreme stress and anxiety caused by a military career carrying over into civilian life. TF continued to improve, so much so that within 4 months had moved away to take up a new career offer. Altogether three sessions did the trick.

BM, aged 36 and working for a large oil company, suddenly, for no apparent reason, became nervous and anxious about flying. It was so severe that she was seriously considering refusing a promotion because it meant she needed to become a “frequent flyer”. It took three sessions with me to enable her to overcome her anxiety, and after taking another couple of business flights, she actually started to wonder what all the fuss had been about, and took the promotion.

AW, an early retired Special Branch armed police officer. He was unable to bring himself to attend social events with his wife. Her career had reached a stage where this was becoming a problem, and AW was desperate to overcome this as he very much wanted to help his wife. It took 5 sessions, but he’s never looked back, and happily travels around with his wife wherever her job now takes her.


BC, aged 51, public relations specialist. She consulted me as she had become unable to focus on her work, and had become so stressed that she was unable to travel regularly to her workplace, only feeling able to go in two days a week. After three sessions, BC was soon back to commuting every day, sleeping properly, and getting to grips once again with her demanding job.

DD, also 36 and an IT company project manager. She suffered from tension to such an extent that she had to pull over and stop driving, sometimes twice, on her way in to work each day (a 40 mile drive each way). Understandably, she also suffered from fatigue to such a level that she just stayed at home every weekend, sleeping most of the time. It took eight sessions to get her back to normal uninterrupted driving, and able to resume some social activities when not at work. Now she has a life.

DW, 41, a chef. DW’s job, pressurized though it could be, was not causing his stress – it was his partner. He was very volatile and capricious, and coupled with DW’s shift patterns, was causing unintended anxiety. In DW’s case this manifested itself both in nail-biting and short temper. Nail-biting might not seem much of a problem to you, but it is in the hygiene conscious world of food and food presentation. Kitchens can be high pressure environments too, so temper tantrums can cause big problems. We dealt with the anger first, which took a while ( seven sessions), and after that the nailbiting (three specific sessions) Result? Harmony restored, both professionally and domestically.


As you can see, anxiety, worry, tension, stress, call it what you like, has a debilitating fatiguing and exhausting effect. It can suck you in to a downward spiral, draining you of confidence, energy and optimism, and entirely de-motivating you. In extreme cases, it can mentally paralyze you to the extent where you are unable to do ANYTHING buy just sit there. It can have serious physical consequences too, like lack of sleep, weight loss (or gain), raised blood pressure, panic attacks or even stroke or heart attack. It can have devastating social effect and career effects too, leading you to become angry, withdrawn, impatient, inefficient or obsessive.

The good news is, I can help you with all this, if you contact me in time.

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