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Can Hypnosis cure Invisibility?

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“Have I become Invisible?”

I ask this because it’s one of the things that I get asked for help with more and more these days.

Usually, but not always, it’s women who ask the question.  And usually but again not always, they’re around age 38 to 55.

Quite often, it starts off with a client coming along with general dissatisfaction, a feeling that things aren’t quite right. A bit depressed, a bit unhappy, a bit disillusioned in general – unfulfilled. Maybe feeling a bit grumpy and put-upon. Sometimes they notice they’re feeling a bit short tempered and irritable. Sometimes they’ve become short on confidence, worried about their appearance. Feeling neglected, unappreciated, overlooked, ignored, taken for granted. They just don’t seem to be getting anywhere, either in their career or personal life. But they’re expected to do things without complaint, and being the nice uncomplaining reliable person that they are, that’s exactly what they do. Other people still don’t even notice that!

After the usual questions about health, diet, personal circumstances and so on, to make sure there isn’t some underlying heath issue, what it boils down to is that they feel they’ve become invisible without realising it. I don’t usually hear it expressed that way initially, but that’s the reality.

Who knew that invisibility crept up on you like that?

When it’s party time, they’re asked as an afterthought. When there’s a new job coming up, they’re rarely considered for it. When people’s opinions are sought, theirs isn’t. In photographs, they’re always at the back. When there’s an outing being organised, they’re not consulted or given much consideration or choice. They make up the numbers, and that’s about all. In short, they don’t seem to matter much.

Fortunately, I can almost always help in this situation – after all, I’ve come across this quite a few times now. Everyone is an individual though, and situations vary considerably. It needs careful, considerate discussion to establish just how to approach the restoration of visibility!

There’s a great range of things that can be done to build your confidence, massage your ego back to health, increase your capability for assertiveness when required, give you a bit of bounce and noticeability.

In short, to make you visible again – much more than before, if that’s what you need.

Great, isn’t it?

And it needn’t take that long either. You’ll be amazed at how soon you’ll feel better, more confident, happier, more relaxed, looking good too, as your mojo returns. And the even better news is that all this is self-reinforcing once it starts, so you’re very unlikely to slip back to invisibility again. You’ll probably sleep better and wake up looking forward to the day as well, instead of having that “Oh well, just another boring old day coming up” feeling.

Give me a ring or email me, and we can get organised to start the process. Don’t worry, there are no targets involved or deadlines to meet, but one thing’s for sure, you’re visibility is definitely about to return.

Invisibility? Who needs it?

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