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What can Hypnotherapy cure?

Well, this is an interesting one.

What can hypnotherapy cure? Hypnotherapists never claim to “cure” anything, any more than does a reflexologist, acupuncturist or homeopath, for example. The reason for this is that hypnotherapists do not have a medical practitioner licence from the GMC, as they are not medically trained.

What hypnotherapists (and other alternative therapists) do is to “treat” various conditions to help alleviate, reduce or eliminate them. And of course, we as hypnotherapists treat many things that traditional medicine doesn’t deal with – fear of flying, confidence issues, driving test or exam nerves, and all sorts of other things. It’s worth considering at this point that traditional medicine doesn’t “cure” these things at all. You might be prescribed some tranquilisers for fear of flying, say, or nerves on your driving test, but that just masks things, it doesn’t cure you of them. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, works by helping you change your attitude and approach to these things, so you simply no longer feel frightened, agitated or worried by them.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that hypnotherapy can’t help with physical illnesses too – it can. Irritable bowel syndrome often responds well to hypnotherapy, as can acne and psoriasis. It is often very useful in enabling pain reduction for many clients. Migraines can be dealt with, and of course a favourite candidate for successful treatment is weight management. High blood pressure too, is another physical condition that often responds well. People could be forgiven for thinking that there’s a hypnotherapy cure for all those things.

Let’s also mention that perennial problem, smoking.

Smoking has four main features that make it addictive. It’s chemical, due to the toxins released into your bloodstream when you take in the smoke. It’s habitual, to the point that people often say they wouldn’t know what to do with their hands if they stop. It’s done to a large extent unconsciously – people do it that way when they’re bored or concentrating – they hardly realise they’re doing it. There’s an element of peer pressure or social pressure too. And it has a “feelgood factor” in that the sugar release which happens at the same time as the intake of chemicals and toxins when you inhale gives you a temporary high, in much the same way that children can become unbearably hyperactive after too many sweets!

Hypnotherapy in very effective in helping people who want to stop smoking – better than almost any other way, in fact, when handled correctly.

You should actually beware of any hypnotherapist who claims to be able to “cure” you. The chances are that he or she does not belong to one of the voluntary regulatory bodies who oversee good ethical practice among the therapists – the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, for example, or the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. These bodies even can be counted on for advice in what can and cannot be said in advertising carried out by their members.

There we have it for this post. I may not be able to offer you a miracle hypnotherapy cure, but I can almost certainly help you make significant improvement with any number of things, as a look around my websites will confirm. I can’t mention every condition I can help with on there, so a phone call is all it’ll take to reassure you that effective and rapid help is at hand.

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