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This is where the spotlight comes off you, just for a little while, and onto me, David Reid.

As far as Anxiety goes, I’m ideally placed to have a great deal of empathy with the situation you’re in right now. Read on, and you’ll see why. Something, or a combination of somethings, has conspired to make you feel the way you do at this moment. The chances are high I’ve experienced the very same sort of things myself.

I worked for the Ministry of Defence, in management for a chain store, and in the Motor Industry for many years, where I eventually became a General Manager in a Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Dealership. Since that long and fruitful career, I’ve owned and run 3 successful businesses of my own. I’ve also had  one unsuccessful one which almost cost me my family home. I’m married to my lovely wife Margaret, and we have beautiful identical twin daughters. Between them, and in co-operation with their husbands, they’ve so far given us four lovely grandchildren. (Orlando, Sofia, Hamish and Monty)

I’ve also lived and worked abroad for 3 years (New Zealand, since you ask). I’ve moved home a total of 16 times. I used to have two sisters and two brothers, but one of my sisters died from cancer, and one of my brothers was murdered. Anxiety, tension, constant worry and strain have featured frequently in my life as a result of all these things. I know from personal experience what it’s like. Panic attacks, sleepless nights, high blood pressure, nameless fears, the feeling that you just want to run away from it all. Irritability, bad temper, anger, frustration – all that and more.  Oh, and I used to smoke 60 a day and drink rather more than was good for me. At least I’ve never been arrested for anything!

Since 2006, I’ve been a successful Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner – my life has changed a lot. I run my business from my offices in GuildfordFarnham, and Bagshot, all in  Surrey. Someone who has genuinely had the first hand experiences which go to create the conditions I now specialize in treating is much more able to effectively deal with them when they occur in others. My training and experience, which initially took place at the highly respected EOS organisation, has uniquely  qualified me to enable you to take positive unambiguous action and get yourself back on track.

I can help you, so please contact me by email at or by phone on 01256 704769.

Principle Qualifications

To chat about how I can help you please call: 01256 704769