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Do you wish it was Friday as soon as Monday comes?

Fed up seeing your “Tension Face” in the mirror each morning?

Using practical techniques I can help you manage anxiety and stress.

What you can expect

Empathetic  understanding of your situation. I can identify with what you’re experiencing, because the chances are I’ve experienced it too, or something pretty close. And understanding and identifying anxiety management makes for a pretty good start to providing you with clear answers and ways to change your anxiety management techniques so you feel better fast.  Read more…

What I deliver

See the “Success Stories” Page for examples. Single or multiple sessions of treatment using hypnotherapy and NLP to support you in your determination to rid yourself of the harmful effects triggered by too much pressure, worry, anxiety etc., whether personal or professional. Read more…

How it works

Firstly, identification of the causes and effects that have been bothering you, and a general discussion of what I can help you do about it. Then a more detailed explanation of how the treatments will work in your special case: then a setting of a program plan so that you can achieve the results you want.  Read more…

“I simply can’t believe how relaxed I now am at work. It’s almost like I’m a whole new me!”

Francis, Guildford

  • David Reid
    David ReidHypnotherapist, GHR Reg, LHS, GQHP

    Since 2006, I’ve been a successful Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner – my life has changed a lot. I run my business from my address in Odiham, and from my office in Farnham, Surrey. Someone who has genuinely had the first hand experiences which go to create the conditions I now specialize in treating is much more able to effectively deal with them when they occur in others. My training and experience, which initially took place at the highly respected EOS organisation, has uniquely  qualified me to enable you to take positive unambiguous action and get yourself back on track. Read more…

Highly Trained & and an NHS Registered supplier

Have a look at the professional qualifications and memberships listed below. From first to last they are all genuine highly respected organisations, who only allow properly trained and qualified individuals as members. Can you imagine the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council validating untrained members, for example? Before consulting anyone in this field, please make sure they are thoroughly competent and qualified  – your success depends on it.

5 Years Specialising in Stress & Anxiety

If you have a general medical problem, you normally go to your GP – right? If you have something more specific, you’d probably head for a specialist in that particular disorder. You’d expect – rightly – that the specialist would have more experience in that area than a practitioner who doesn’t specialize, and would very likely have come across more variations of the condition, and have a very good understanding of what to do to treat it. It’s the same in this situation. How quick and effective do you want your help to be?

Life Experience - I've been there!

Elsewhere on this page, under the “About” tab at the top of the page, you can find out a lot about how I’ve arrived at where I am today. Have a look at that now so you can see what sort of experiences I’ve been through. It’s not about me though – it’s about you, and what I can do to help you. Contact me now to discuss you can benefit from my experience. Also, I post to Facebook occasionally, about all sorts of things. Click on the Facebook “f” icon in the left column or follow the tweets in the bottom left hand corner to see what I’m saying today .

To chat about how I can help you please call: 01256 704769